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Scalgon are the UK’s leading experts in limescale removal. Primarily the descaling of secondary hot water heat exchangers in combination (combi) boilers, but also thermal store systems such as Gledhill mains-pressure hot water stores. We offer a premium service, and backed with over 40 years experience. We have been used by British Gas, Thames Water, Reading Borough Council, Reading University, McCarthy & Stone, and very many housing-management and letting companies - and of course, very many plumbing and heating engineers use us too.






Limescale...removal & prevention


...in Berkshire/North Hampshire/South Oxfordshire

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We love this! Truth is, we like a challenge. And we’ve been set many challenges by limescale for over 35 years now. We like it best when someone says we won’t be able to do it! We break limescale down (sometimes in just a few minutes) by using a acid/water solution - sent through your pipes by our clever little machine. Most of our work is descaling combi boilers. As combi boilers use mains water then they are prone to limescale formation. There are also thermal store hot water heaters. And often there are just pipes that need descaling with our magic!...

And remember, ‘It’s what we say, or you don’t pay’...

if we can’t descale it, then we don’t charge!!! Yes, really.*

And unlike so many ‘engineers’ we tell you right here, in advance, how much it will cost. For descaling a combination boiler it’s £229 (all inclusive). For descaling a thermal store it’s £329 (all inclusive). For descaling pipework it’s £229 (all inclusive). You pay NOTHING else.*

*Please note that this applies within the RG postcode ONLY


We are recommended by Gledhill to descale their PulsaCoil BP thermal stores

How to book an appointment:

Make contact with us (preferably email or text, please), We will allot you a date (a.m./p.m. your choice). If you are not going to be present during the work, then there is a requirement to make payment before we visit - by card or bank transfer.


If you would like a CombiBuddy fitted (to stop the limescale coming back) or a LimeStop fitted (to protect a thermal store, or home, against limescale) please let us know before we visit.


Please note that we have to park outside of the property, as our equipment is heavy. We ask you to read our terms & conditions (link below) and ensure that you know where your stop cock is, that it works, and that it does turn off the water supply to your boiler. If it turns off other homes, then that isn’t it!


So, which do you have, a combi boiler or a thermal store?...


Combi boiler?

Combi boilers either have a conventional separate ‘secondary’ heat exchanger, or they have a ‘plated’ heat exchanger. It’s this part which has mains water running through it (to be heated), so it’s this part of your combi boiler that gets all ‘scaled-up’. We can easily descale it by accessing your pipe network via a water in/water out connection. This is why descaling is often better than simply replacing the heat exchanger, as we descale the outlet pipes as well. The process takes about 1-2 hours, and uses a safe acid which is recommended by boiler manufacturers. We do NOT use hydrochloric acid. We don’t usually access the drinking water part of your system, though it is sometimes necessary. You have to be present during the work. If you are a property owner (landlord) and you cannot be there, then it is required that you pay in advance by bank transfer.


Thermal store?

Thermal store water heaters (like Gledhill products) shouldn’t be confused with ‘Heat Banks’. Thermal stores heat cold mains water when it’s needed. A heat bank heats the cold water, then banks it for future use. Thermal store systems (like Gledhill products) have either a plated heat exchanger on the outside of the heater that looks like a steel brick, or it has a coil of pipe inside which is called a calorifier. This acts as a heat exchanger. This coil can get VERY scaled-up, to the point of being completely blocked. But as long as there is some flow, then we can descale it. The process takes 2-3 hours. We use a safe acid which is recommended by boiler manufacturers. We do NOT use hydrochloric acid. You have to be present during the work. If you are a property owner (landlord) and you cannot be there, then it is required that you pay in advance by bank transfer. PLEASE ensure to isolate the heating to your thermal store 36 hours prior to our visit.


We work in the RG postcode area. The costs quoted above apply throughout the RG postcode area. We are prepared to travel to:

South Oxfordshire

South Buckinghamshire

West London

West Surrey

North Hampshire

East Wiltshire

We charge a travel fee of £1 per mile ‘round trip’ for any location outside of the RG postcode area, so if the distance to your property is 36 miles, the travel charge would be £72. Check it on Google Maps. Please note that if your property is NOT in our work area then we cannot help you. Sorry, we don’t go to inner London - inside the North & South Circular Roads, or East London.




Deep Blue

Just £88 +p&p


Stops Limescale



See it at www.limestop.co.uk

Read our terms & conditions HERE


Read all about limescale inhibitors HERE


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Protects your boiler and heating system against magnetite-sludge
































Read all about it at



For larger systems or if you have a particularly bad issue with magnetite sludge, then purchase the MagnaMate. The MagnaMate has a 10” magnet and, like the BoilerGuard, is made of stainless steel.


See it at www.magnamate.co.uk


The BoilerGuard eats magnetite


in your heating system (that black, oily stuff in the bottom of radiators) whenever your system is running, with its 5” rare-earth neodymium magnetic rod inside. Unlike almost every magnetic filter, it’s made of STAINLESS STEEL, not plastic!


Just £145 (free delivery)




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