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The process:

We bring a machine to your home which injects a chemical into your cold & hot water pipe network. This pumps the descaling solution around the pipe network, dissolving all the limescale away. It takes around two hours and costs from £265. We clear combination (combi) boilers in the process, or rather the plate-to-plate heat exchanger and, of course, all the hot pipes out to your taps.

If you have a thermal store cylinder, we dedicate the process to that (to the calorifier - which is a coil inside). Then the process will be applied to your hot pipe network. This is more expensive at £365, and takes around three hours.


Finally, we rinse out the network with cold water, and recommend that you have a LimeStop fitted to protect your home against future limescale.


Our work is predominantly in the RG postcode area, though we can travel to other areas in and around Berkshire (but a travel charge applies - email us for a quotation). We are public liability insured, CRB-checked, and have 46 years of experience. Our business was started in 1983, and we’re proud of our Google 5 star rating. Our service and attention to your needs really are second to none.



What if it turns out that you have called us out wrongly (that it isn’t limescale)?...


If we spend less than 30 minutes at your property (for any reason) then there’s no charge*




*Please note our terms...

1. The 30-minute no-charge policy does not apply to postal addresses outside of the RG postcode.

2. Our standard charges apply to the RG postcode area only - there is a travel charge for all postal addresses outside of the RG postcode area - applied at £1 per mile, round trip.

3. If we have spent more than 30 minutes at your property, but failed to clear the problem, a standard call-out charge will be applied of £120 - rather than the full charge.

4. We require payment immediately after the work by bank transfer, please.

5. We must park as close to the property as is possible due to heavy equipment, so please ensure we have a space - and please provide a parking permit if necessary.

6. If you let the property, you are not required to be present during the process, but you must provide your personal postal address and mobile phone number prior to the work.



Talk to us:


Tel. 0770 231 6157

We are at 19 Cockney Hill, Reading. RG30 4HF

See our homepage HERE

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