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Whole house descaling - £265 - see more HERE


Thermal store descaling - £365 - see more HERE


Limescale inhibitors from just £79 - see HERE       


Read about ‘scale reducers’ HERE


Water softeners from just £495 - see HERE              


Scalgon Descaling Powder - see HERE



CalcStop - see HERE



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Got a combi boiler?


Then you MUST have a LimeStop 600 fitted. It will stop your combi boiler from scaling up - GUARANTEED! And it will do so from just 9p a day. Just £79 - to stop limescale dead in the water.

See more at


The LimeStop 600



Temperatures (in degrees C)...


Cold drinking water... 16

Stored hot water... 55*

Stored hot water in a thermal store... 70 to 80

Ideal shower temp... 38

Ideal bath... 40 to 45

Bathroom... 23

Kitchen... 19

Bedroom... 18

Living room... 21

Dining room... 21

Hallway... 21


*Ideally, in order to absolutely ensure legionella bacteria is killed, hot water should be stored above 60. However, at 60, children and the elderly could be harmed when they come into contact with water at this temp. Legionella bacteria can live in water up to 50 degrees. One of the worst things you could do is spray a hose pipe that has been sitting in the sun for a few days. You often see people do this with their children on hot, sunny days. It’s fine to do it...but only after you have run the hosepipe for a minute, at least. People also don’t realise how hot that water can be. Left in the sun for a few hours, hosepipe water can easily reach temperatures of 50 degrees.



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