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Why are we so good at it?

The following is a description of the problem, what we do, how it’s done, and the costs.


Although your radiators are painted white on the outside, on the inside they are bare steel. If air gets into the water, then you have a great combination for rust. The inside of your radiators start to rust away. This becomes magnetite – a fine, black sediment. This sediment clogs your heating system – valves, pump, boiler, radiators and pipes. It is highly damaging, and can often result in the replacement of the entire heating system. It blocks radiators and stops them warming.


Before we go any further, we’d like to make you aware that there is a lot of nonsense talked about power-flushing, and if you go online, you’ll read a lot of nonsense! Despite all the claims you would read, it is NOT a cure-all. This is because the magnetite is heavy, gets caught in particular places, and solidifies over time. The very best that could be achieved is an 80% removal. Only WE are honest enough to tell you that - you won’t read it anywhere else.


Our procedure is 2-stage (and is unique). It first involves adding a non-aggressive chemical. This is injected into your system. The solution is pumped around the system for at least a week. We return, and carry out what is known as ‘dynamic flushing’ in a purging method – using fresh water. This is injected into your system via the mains supply, and pushes the loose sediment out of the system. Each individual radiator is purged – where possible. Finally, we can install a magnetic filter to your system if you wish (click HERE) and add a chemical. The filter stays on your system – collecting magnetite. We will call on you once every other year for a set fee of £80.00 (if you wish) to clean it.



But remember, we will be honest with you - others may not!




£75 per radiator - no other charges.

Magnetic filter (if required) - £175.00 (this is a metal filter, the vast majority are plastic)

Please note that there may not be sufficient pipework to be able to install the filter.



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