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Before you read any further, please note that we only operate in the Reading area of Berkshire...However, if you are looking to protect your heating system from magnetite-sludge, then see our brilliant, ALL-METAL BoilerGuard eco magnetic filter - just £139 - HERE


What causes that black, oily-type water in your heating system? It’s caused by your radiators. They are steel. Steel radiators (where water and oxygen are present) will rust. Its name is magnetite-sludge, or just...


You may have already heard of the term ‘power flushing’. Very basically, it’s moving water around the system to purge out the rust. Please note that we only power flush sealed systems. We do not power flush microbore systems or open systems, and we would strongly advise you to ask your heating engineer to replace the complete system for a sealed, minibore one. We can power flush your boiler, but some modern boilers don't lend themselves well (due to their very design) to being adequately flushed. If your boiler is the principle cause of you requesting a power flush, then we would strongly recommend that the part causing the trouble (be that a heat exchanger or diverter valve) should be replaced prior to our work.



First of all, we add a chemical to your system. This stays in your system for as long as is necessary, sometimes weeks. We then return and carry out what is known as a 'dynamic purging' method with mains-pressure water to each radiator in turn. This water is sent both backwards and forwards through your system. Finally, we fit a (metal) magnetic filter, and add a protective chemical to your system.


Initial visit to assess your system:

Please note that we charge a fee for this. We will look at your system and give you an honest assessment of its problems. Our fee for this is £80. If we believe a power flush is required then we would add a chemical to your system while we're there. This costs £10.

Dynamic Purging (return visit up to four weeks later) - £50 per radiator.

Magnetic filter (BoilerGuard eco) - £175 (includes fitting charge of £36).

Protective chemical - £10 (for a standard 10-radiator system).

A typical 8-radiator system would therefore cost £500 plus the magnetic filter of £175.


Most systems take around a day to power flush.

Radiator valves:

EVERY radiator valve must be operational for the process to be adequately carried out. We will not power flush a system if radiator valves are seized.


You would be given a certificate of power flushing to BS7593 after the process.


We are honest! We state that power flushing is NOT all that some people believe – and many of those are in our trade and industry!  At best, it might remove 80% of the magnetite sludge present in a system. No power flush, by anyone using any machinery or chemicals, will get your system anywhere near like it was when it was new. Magnetic filters, although worthwhile, will only ever filter out particles that are in suspension, or forced into suspension. Even then, most filters are cheap plastic, and don't have adequate magnets. The BoilerGuard eco is robust, ALL-METAL, and has N52-Grade neodymium magnets inside...others don’t! Plus, there are no seals to leak (unlike some magnetic filters we could mention).


Your system shouldn't need power flushing, but some modern boilers are very susceptible to magnetite debris in the system. If particular radiators don't heat up, it could simply be the valve at fault. Central heating systems don't last for ever. We are constantly amazed that people think they should, yet they replace their car every few years! Any system 40 years old should be completely replaced, and most 30 year-old ones. Replace your radiators for aluminium ones – you'll never get magnetite sludge again!


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Remember, you will hear a lot from people who ‘do’ power flushing, about how they can clean your system back to as new, how they will use a TDS meter(!), how they will fit a super-douper magnetic filter (which turns out to be plastic), how all your radiators will be super-cleansed...




“Thanks for improving my heating system dramatically”...Mr Ralston