We engage a contract between you and us whenever you request our services. The following Terms, Conditions and Practices are applicable for the work requested. For your own protection, you should read them in full. You would be given a written contract very similar to the one shown below prior to the start of the work if requested. We can email it to you, or hand it to you on the work day.






Contract for work required


Between Scalgon, and the named person or company provided immediately below




1.  You have rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations.  These rights are principally that you may cancel the work at any time up to the point where the work has begun - for a period of seven days from requesting the work, and that a full refund (if payment has already been made) would be given.  However, under this contract (which you elect to agree to by virtue of requesting the work) you waive that right (to cancel and be refunded) as the Work Required is classed as ‘Emergency Work’ requested within the seven day ‘cooling-off’ period.  You should be aware that requesting the work shown under ‘Work Required’ means that you accept the terms & conditions shown here on this ‘Contract For Work Required’.


Address of property where work will be carried out



2.  Reported problem stated

Poor flow of hot water


3.  Work Required

Remove limescale from: Combi boiler’s secondary heat exchanger.


4.  The work will be carried out as described above to rectify that stated in ‘2’ above. NO additional work will be undertaken.  No other work is implied.  Any other work carried out (that is not covered by a contract such as this one) is done by permission and/or free of charge, and is NOT part of this contract.


5.  Charge for Work Required

£229.00 - if paid by cheque, immediately the work has been completed.  If paid by bank transfer, within 48 hours of the work being completed.


6.  You will be charged the amount shown above.  No other charges will be made on this Contract For Work Required.  Any further requested work will require another contract.


7.  Payment for Work Required

If paid by cheque, immediately the work has been completed.  If paid by bank transfer, within 48 hours of the work being completed.  If you are outside of the RG postcode area, then we require payment immediately upon completion of the work.


8.  Parking

We need to park our vehicle VERY CLOSE to the property – due to the frequency of retrieving, and lifting of, equipment necessary for the work.  At no point will our vehicle be left in any car park.  If you have parking restrictions then you must provide a valid permit, or pay any fine (in cash) on the day of the work.  We are prepared to pick up a key for the property, but you would be charged any labour-time charges for that in accordance with our standard set charges.  You should be aware that the descaling process is usually complete within two hours, but not always.  Any parking restriction that is limited to 2 hours should therefore be taken into consideration by you prior to the appointment.  If there is no immediate parking space available then we would not be able to carry out the work on the intended work date, and would re-arrange.  You wouldn’t be charged, but we can only do this once.  If parking is a problem at your location, then we don’t mind parking on ‘double yellows’ providing that you pay our parking fine.


9.  Guarantee

We guarantee to abide by this contract under Work Required shown above.  i.e. we will carry out the work exactly as described in ‘3’ above.  No other guarantees are implied or given.


10.  Cancellation of work

You may cancel the Work Required at any point up until we enter the property address as shown above, and be entitled to your money back in full.  The exception being if you are out of the RG postcode area – in which case we would make a call-out charge of £80.00 plus all travel charges.


11.  Service valves

We ask that you are aware of where your mains water stop valve is, and that it will turn off the water to the property.  Otherwise, it may be necessary to turn off the water supply out in the road – if possible.  If we cannot isolate the supply, you would be charged a ‘call-out’ labour charge of £80 plus any travel charges, and we would not be able to proceed with the work until the supply can be isolated.  Some boilers have an isolating valve on the pipe entering the boiler, and sometimes this can be used instead, but not always.


12.  Protection of work area

We are public liability insured for £2 million.  We lay dust sheets during the process, but would kindly ask you to prior-remove any items within the immediate work area – usually, but not always - around the boiler.


13.  Thermal store systems

Thermal store systems (large cylinders that provide high-flow hot water) have a 1 in 100 chance of leaking after the descaling process.  This is because they can develop pin-hole leaks during their life, which become sealed with limescale.  We remove this limescale, and the leak can re-appear.  It would be evident by water coming out of the overflow pipe.


14.  Refunds

There is a refund policy if the descaling process fails to alleviate the reported problem.  In some instances, the ‘scaling-up’ of plated heat exchangers can result in the almost total blockage of the plates.  In such a circumstance, the fluid (acid/water) cannot penetrate to dissolve the limescale.  This is obviously unknown until the process has finished.  There is also a chance that rust in the main heat exchanger of your boiler can mimic the effects of limescale.  If we fail to carry out the work as described in ‘3’ above, we will refund ALL charges made - unless you are out of the RG postcode area, in which case you would be charged the total amount (including travel charges) and no charge would be discounted.



By requesting the Work Required, you have been made aware of these terms & conditions, and that you are in full agreement with them and are contracted to abide by them.  DO NOT request the work if you do not agree with these terms & conditions in any way.  Cancel the request for the Work Required, and any money prior-paid would be returned to you in full.



Signed…………………………………  Dated …………………………………………










Due to past experiences, it is unfortunate that we have to have terms & conditions to protect ourselves from late-paying, or even non-paying customers. You have rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, and we fully agree with, and abide by, your rights (we use them ourselves when we make purchases). We have to set out exactly what we will do, what you’ll be charged, and how you should make payment. If we fail to do this then customers take advantage of that failure. Because some people can make life unpleasant by their inability to act in a sociable, responsible and (most primary of all) a courteous way, then we have to have an agreement about the requested work, and that we will be paid in a reasonable fashion and time. We would rather have no terms and conditions at all, as they alienate and antagonise some people - and we completely understand that. Buying and selling goods and services has become like this because people think ‘wrongly’. They can’t act politely. We always try to act in a friendly, pleasant and courteous way - even doing things for which we will receive no payment, and providing services in excess of what we are asked. We do this because we think that’s the right way to conduct ourselves. We like to remain professional - but friendly-professional. We think it’s a shame that buying and selling goods and services has come to the point where term & conditions are necessary, but that’s life, now. It won’t get any ‘better’. So we hope you’ll fully understand why we HAVE to have the above terms and conditions.